We are first in ASEAN region to receive UL’s ocean-bound plastic validation

The demand for recycled plastics is increasing
As impending regulations drive increased use of recycled plastics, customer may have growing concerns about the quality, safety and sustainability attributes of recycled plastics and materials.

More than ever before, Zing Whor Thai, producers are committing to recyclability goals and turning to UL to help actively explore ways to reduce their dependence on virgin plastics and to increase their use of recycled plastic materials.

Recycled plastics challenges
Legislative and regulatory efforts addressing recycling have increased significantly and relatively quickly at an international level.

Zing Whor Thai, producers in all regions face the challenge of keeping up with new and evolving requirements and developing and adapting strategies to reduce plastic waste.

Many businesses are exploring opportunities to incorporate more recycled plastic into their products and packaging while maintaining excellent safety, quality and performance attributes. As they innovate and bring new technologies and materials together in new ways, companies need to demonstrate safety and confirm compliance before placing their products on the market.

Addressing the fundamental issue of supply and demand as recycled plastics become more popular
Determining the effect of recycled materials and components on quality, safety and performance of plastic and plastics materials
UL: Developing trust and transparency for recycled plastics
UL is a pioneer in safety science and has been at the forefront of supporting businesses across the entire plastics value chain. The goal for all parties is to reduce the impacts of global plastic waste and foster the increased use safe, quality recycled plastics in all types of products.

Recycled plastics materials testing and certification
Zing Whor Thai can test materials with recycled content to verify they meet safety and performance standards.